Quality Comes First When You Buy Cabinets & Furniture from Lebar

Cabinets and Furniture from LeBar are 100% custom designed and built to order, with the customer's desires being central to the process. Too often, the word "custom" is blurred and means different things to different people. Don't be misled by companies advertising custom built cabinets when in fact they are semi-custom. True, custom cabinets are designed to fit a particular space. No filler strips are required, and there is no wasted area. The customer can choose from a much wider selection of woods, styles, finishes and options that satisfies all aspects of design, quality and price. At LeBar, "custom" means working personally with the customer from the initial design phase all the way through to the installation and project completion.

The Quality First Difference:
    LeBar generates all designs in-house to ensure quality control from the outset. The process begins by meeting with the customer at our factory (when possible) and laying the groundwork for what the customer wants and the budget that is available.  We ask customers to bring pictures of cabinet styles and colors, architectural drawings if available, size specifications, and any other material that may be useful. The customer then sits with our design specialist and a sampling of cabinet designs are presented for review and further consideration.  At LeBar, we use Cabinetware software, ArtCam, and AutoCAD. The programs enable us to calculate exact material costs through the design stages, and compute how much material to purchase. We also have a CNC router machine for fabricating precision elements and creating intricate wood working designs.

Construction Characteristics:
    If you truly want to appreciate quality cabinet construction, then slide one of our drawers out and look at the box to see how we build them. We begin by using 3/4" -thick solid wood for the sides and case and then build them using glued tongue-and-groove joints. We then attach the self-closing all steel drawer slides, and finally glue and nail the solid wood door front. Customers can also choose to have a Melamine surface on the interior drawers. The picture to the right shows a beautiful raised cabinet end panel, a true sign of quality and value.

    Another quality feature that sets our cabinets apart from the competition is our choice of hinges. We use Youngdale's self-closing cabinet hinge. It is a time proven design that keeps cabinet doors tight and stays out of sight. The hinges are available in antique brass, bright brass, antique copper, nickel, and white. They also come with a lifetime performance guarantee.

    Showing dovetail joint and raised side end panel
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